Student Services


Additional Learning Support is available at LCBT to assist all students to develop the knowledge and skills to progress on their chosen course and become independent in their learning internally and externally to college.


During our application day, an activity is carried out to determine the most suitable programme of study to meet each applicant’s individual needs. Our admissions staff will offer you guidance based on the results.

If you have additional needs, let us know when you apply so we can ensure that you get the appropriate support right from your first step on your journey at LCBT.


Once enrolled, all learners have their learning style and individual needs assessed during their first week. Additional support, for example one-to-one sessions, can be offered where appropriate.

Other support might take the form of classroom activities tailored to meet learning style and ability or special arrangements for examinations, such as to those learners with English as their second language or those with dyslexia. If you require any more information on our additional support procedures, please contact us and we’ll be happy to talk you through the options that will best suit you.

Our Learning & Development Assistant and NEET Case Worker and Progression Coach can assist those who feel they would benefit from additional classroom support or have barriers to learning. Please email or speak to the Learning & Development Assistant or NEET Case Worker and Progression Coach. See the Learning Support tab for more information.

Financial Support

LCBT aims to provide all learners with the equal opportunity to succeed and progress on their courses and can offer assistance through our Learner Support Fund and FE Meals Fund.

The application forms for both Learner Support Fund and FE Free Meals, which can be downloaded below and is also available at Main Reception, will detail the process of applying for Support as well as list all the documentation you need to collect as part of your application.

If you have additional needs, lets us know when you apply so we can ensure that you get the appropriate support right from your first step on your journey at LCBT.

Young vulnerable learners can have access to the Vulnerable Learner Bursary and can be awarded up to £1,200 to assist with college costs.

You will need to start collecting proof of income before you can submit your application. Applications should be handed in to Admissions upon enrolment or to Main Reception.

If you have any questions or queries, you can email the Financial Support team at


Available Funding and FAQs

Application Form

FE Free Meals Application Form


LCBT makes every effort to ensure all our learners are free to learn and progress in a safe environment. The college has well established links with wide range of external support services which learners in need of specialist support can be signposted and referred.

The protection and safeguarding of vulnerable adults, young people and children at LCBT is focused on preventing all forms of abuse such as neglect, bullying, maltreatment, impairment of health and development whether they have concerns external and internal to college.

If you have any concerns regarding the safety and wellbeing of any of our current or future students, in the first instance you should make contact with the Safeguarding team by emailing


LCBT has a comprehensive Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy in place, this can be downloaded here.

Use the link button to The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP) below to report harmful and inappropriate online behaviour, such as online bullying, promoting extremist views against British Values or someone being insistent on meeting up. You can report it now.

Our designated Safeguarding Team aim to ensure the safety and protection of all our young and vulnerable learners. If you are concerned about the safety of a child or a vulnerable adult please email the safeguarding team on


LCBT is committed to supporting all students to achieve their academic goals and progress into employment. We recognise some young people may require additional support on their course.

If you are a Looked after Child or a young Care Leaver and would like to study at LCBT, or need advice and information on our courses, please contact the Learning and Development Assistant by contacting the college mainline number.

For professionals who require additional information or advice on the support we offer looked after children and young care leavers who currently study or plan to study at LCBT, please contact the Head of Student Engagement on 0207 208 1300 or email

See the Student Welfare Services tab for examples of other support which may be available.


Could you spot if a young person is being sexually exploited?

Sexual exploitation is when a person under 18 is pressured into performing sexual acts. This often involves a stage of ‘grooming’, in which the young person might receive something such as protection, affection, money, a mobile phone, drugs, alcohol or clothes.

Knowing the signs of sexual exploitation and what support is available can help equip parents, carerSAs and the wider community with the tools they need to respond to concerns they may have about a child or young person.

If you have any concerns visit for more information or contact Safer London on 020 7021 0301 or email


Safer London - Parents and Carers Leaflet